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I haven't been able to bring myself to do a political cartoon since the election, but today, this idea came upon me, so I sketched it out at work with gel-pen on bond paper. I couldn't find my pencil, so this is the totally unrehearsed product of my pen.

The different ways liberals and conservatives parse the messages they receive is something that has been occupying my mind quite a bit of late. This is also the first time I've drawn people from the rear, and I'm kind of pleased with how they turned out. I do wish I had made the TV big enough to do more with my Bush caricature.

Ahoy Matey!

Nov. 6th, 2004 04:50 pm
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The veterinary clinic where we take our cats has been doing some absolutely wonderful stuff with murals. Here is a mural that they've comissioned for their parking lot:

Here is a detail of the Squirrel: )

Here is a detail of the Pirate: )

They were taken with a super-duper-cheapo-crappo digital camera I got for free. But I figure we could all use a little whimsy this weekend.
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Just to vent about the contents of my previous post.

hastily drawn political cartoon )
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Basically a piece of Zodiac fan art.

There's art behind this cut )

His name always intrigued me, so I've placed him in the center of a wheel bearing the glyphs for the signs of the Zodiac, because it seemed a fun visual pun to make. I decided to present this wheel as the Wheel of Fortune from the Rider-Waite tarot. Anubis has been replaced with Randy, because it felt right. Alistair is in the place of the Sphinx because, well, he's a cat. The sphinx's sword has been replaced with a flag topped by a cup, because Alistair seems more likely to belong to the suit of cups than swords. The flag itself is a horrible, horrible pun that [ profile] morgan1 makes whenever we listen to the Carmina Burana or when she wants Sushi. The Evangelists have all been replaced by Newshounds cast members who have met Zodiac. Like the evangelists, each is recording the scene. Della illuminates it with a Radio Shack flashlight so that Kevin can film it. Above, Renata writes copy while Rochelle reports.

What Waite might say it means
Chance favors the querant. You will break a major story, and possibly mediate peace between warring factions. At the very least, you can look forward to tuna sashimi.

Chance is aligned against the querant. You will be manacled by your followers, alpha-rolled by someone's pet, and banished to the wilderness where you will be intimidated by squirrels. At the very least, the tuna salad at your favorite sandwich shop has been sitting out too long; if you order it you will get botulism.

NOTE: I made that stuff up. Newshounds Fan Art should not be used for divination. In fact divination is a bad idea generally: just look at US Foreign Policy!

The line art is Technical Pen on Bristol. This was scanned and printed on to Copic Marker Paper and then colored with Copic markers.
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A cartoon inspired by W.'s concern over Judicial Activism )

I am just so sick of W's sanctimonious brand of moral relativism.
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When [ profile] morgan1 and I first met back in the day when DOS 5.0 was new and Windows was still at version 3.0 and not ready for prime time (not that it ever would be), I made a trip to New York at Christmastime to do some grunt work for my mother. While I was there, I picked up some Lox and Bagels (both of which were unheard of in Binghamton in those days) as well as Morgan's Christmas presents (a Folkways recording of Goethe's Faust and John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces). She, in the meantime, had picked up a Droste (now Terry's) Chocolate Orange and baked some from-scratch bagels and muffins.

Ever since then it has been our tradition to eat Bagels and Lox and a Chocolate Orange at Christmas time, and so we did this morning. We also exchanged gifts which meant an Easel for her (she paints) and a 36-Marker set of COPIC Sketch Markers for me (I turn innocent pieces of Bristol into horrendous messes). We spent much of the morning playing with our gifts, and after a few hours mucking about and our breakfast, I settled down to execute a concept that has been knocking about my brain ever since I noticed that Thomas Dye's "Ferris" and D.C. Simpson's "Millie" have similar fashion sense.

Ozy & Millie/Newshounds Fan Art behind this cut )

I'm very happy with the color on the characters, the background colors in the spotlit region or OK, but the rest of the ground colors are a bit streaky in places. However, unlike with the water based markers, these have the potential to deliver a smooth ground. I achieved it in some places, not so much in others, but I am, overall, really happy with the way this came out considering how unskilled I am.

I hope you are all having joys of your own this Holiday Season.

[Edit: After some experimentation with a Prisma Colorless Blender and a less ginger application of color, I was able to abate some of the streakage. Also, a couple of friends stopped by to drop off some gifts for us. We really weren't expecting them, or anything from them, but fortunately we had a few goodies knocking about that we were able to reciprocate with. Thank God we are now in a position where a bit of surplus is a possibility, it was not so last year.]
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The idea for this cartoon has been in the back of my mind for a while, ever since I saw a cartoon of Ariel Sharon devouring Palestinian children by the mouthful. [ profile] visservoldemort's concerns about such libel and the hate-crimes they produce inspired me to get it down on paper. Behind this cut you will find my big 'ol political cartoon as a two frame gif animation )
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Noodling around at work, I picked up a pen and Graymont, in his Gunflint Trail cabin, spilled out, about to sit down to a nice snifter of brandy after a day of snowshoeing. (Rollerball on Bond)

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is what my spouse imagines this vixen saying.

I was doodling at work when suddenly something very different from my usual style fell out of my pen. I played with it a little, and when I got home I pulled out some Bristol and the Pitt Pens. An hour later this vixen was staring back at me.

I made it too big to scan so this image was made using the crappiest digital camera on earth. I have no idea what her name is.
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I had thought that this idea I had a couple years ago was obsolete when Abu Mazen became the PA's Prime Minister. I had dared to hope. But now that Arafat is once again asserting himself on the international stage, I figured I'd execute it, and use it as an excuse to play with my Pitt Pens.

Pitt artist pens on Arches Hot-Press watercolor sketch paper. I really need to learn to draw Sharon, the figure in there looks kind of like a generic Israeli politician. I am pleased with my Arafat, however.
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With Bush out stumping for his grand environmental plan, I thought I'd share some pen-droppings.

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