Apr. 27th, 2010

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Went to Il Gatto (The concept that has replaced Figlio in Calhoun Square) two Fridays ago after temple.

The warm, inviting colors and comfortable seating have been replaced by something that looks like a set for a Stanley Kubrick movie.  White and black and very clinical.  The seating is also more dense, the dining room unnavigable.  It is, however, worth the battle to the bathrooms to see the signs - a catboy and a catgirl with the caption "litterboxes."  This is something I might have designed for Cat-Tharsis when I was drawing it.

The menu.  Well.  If you don't eat pork or shellfish, there's very little to choose from.  Figlio's menu had birds and swimmy-fish and cows and veggies.  I ended up with an OK mushroom Pizza and M. got a pasta she found passable by deleting the meat.

There are those who might contend that I simply miss Figlio.  To them, I will say that if Figlio's eclectic bistro menu had been expanded upon, and its atmosphere made more inviting by Il Gatto, I would not miss Figlio.  But since neither is true, I will concede that yes I miss Figlio.

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